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The Famous Steps of Alcoholic Anonymous

The AA consists of twelve steps. Alcohol addiction is what these steps try to address.We will look at the steps forthwith.

You need to recognize that alcohol has power over you. You need to recognize alcohol as an allergy and as an obsession. It leaves its victims devastated.

After this, believe that there is something more powerful that can deliver you from alcohol. This step leads to surrender. Since alcoholics try to overcome alcohol on their own, this is a hard step.It is easy to recover from alcohol if you depend on something more powerful.

Turning to God is the other step. It is letting God sit on the throne. As God takes over, you don’t need to fear tomorrow.

The fourth step is to conduct a fearless and honest moral inventory of yourself.Take responsibility for all wrongs in the past. Commit the written resentments to God.Know that you are not alone in this.

The other step is to admit to God, to yourself, and to other human beings the exact nature of your wrongs.This step is not possible not unless you trust in a higher power like God. You will need to accept that God is forgiving you after listening to you with grace.He is ready to show compassion to you.

The defects of your character need to be removed by God, and you need to be ready for that.These defects are only removed if you are willing to confess them and have God remove them.

You need now to ask God to remove your shortcomings.Do this in a humble manner.The alcoholic must learn and accept this gift in recovery.

You will now need to make a list that will help you go making amends with all the people you have harmed.You need to be part of the list that you have harmed and seek amends with.

Ensure now you make direct amends to the people you harmed. This is a step in need of delicate balancing to avoid any more heartache.

Continually take inventory of yourself and accept when wrong.

After this, you will bed to be in contact with God through meditation and through prayer.
Other alcoholics need this mediate, and you need to take it to them.Share your experiences with other alcoholics and encourage them.

The movement of The Alcoholics Anonymous is geared towards recovery. There is need to surrender, be honest, be humble, and have faith.

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